> Bulletin-1-12, 8th May 2000

Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 17:35:47 +0100 (GMT)
From: martin dodge
Subject: Cyber-Geography Research Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 12, 8th May 2000

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Welcome to the Cyber-Geography Research Bulletin. This is a regular, free, email bulletin to inform you of changes and new additions made to the Geography of Cyberspace Directory and the Atlas of Cyberspaces on the Cyber-Geography Research web site. The bulletin is distributed about once a month, depending on how much time I have available for my cyberspace exploration.

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The Geography of Cyberspace Directory
* http://www.cybergeography.org/ge ography_of_cyberspace.html *
* http://www.geog.ucl.ac.uk/c asa/martin/geography_of_cyberspace.html *


New for the "Mapping the Internet" section:

* Telegeography's Internet Exchange Point directory. Comprehensive listing of over 200 exchange points, broken down by region.
( http://www.telegeography.com/ix/ )

* A geographical list of web traceroute servers for countries and US states maintained by Rafael Stekolshchik.
( http://cities.lk.net/trlist.html )

New in the "Visualising Information Space" section:

* Burgoyne P. & Faber L., 1999, Reload: Browser 2.0 - The Internet Design Project, (Laurence King Publishing).
( http://www.laurence-king.com/main/lkp_gd.html#1_85669_174_8 )
[Buy the book from Amazon.com and support Cyber-Geography Research
( http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0789303620/cybergeographyre )

* Ware C., 2000, Information Visualization: Perception for Design, (Morgan Kaufman Publishers).
( http://www.mkp.com/books_catalog/catalog.asp?ISBN=1-55860-511-8 )
[Buy the book from Amazon.com and support Cyber-Geography Research
( http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1558605118/cybergeographyre)

New in the "Internet Statistics" section:

* America's 50 Most Wired Cities and Towns, a report in Yahoo! Internet Life magazine, March 2000. ( http://www.zdnet.com/yil/content/mag/0003/cities.html ). Also, see their previous reports from 1999
( http://www.zdnet.com/yil/content/mag/9903/cities.html ) and 1998 ( http://www.zdnet.com/yil/content/mag/9803/citytoc.html.)

* Internet Growth Trends, by Larry Roberts, IEEE Computer - Internet Watch, January 2000.
( http://www.ziplink.net/~lroberts/IEEEGrowthTrends/IEEEComputer12-99.htm )

* Information Technology Outlook 2000, a report from OCED. Provides comprehensive and up to date statstics and analysis of ICTs, e-commerce and the Information Economy. March 2000. ( http://www.oecd.org/dsti/sti/it/prod/it-out2000-e.htm )

* Hubs and Spokes: An TeleGeography Internet Reader, provides a valuable guide to the geography of global Internet infrastructure. April 2000. ( http://www.telegeography.com/Publications/hs00.html )

* Top 20 local markets in the USA in terms of Internet penetration and usage. Based on research by Nielsen//Netrating, 12th April 2000.
( http://www.nielsen-netratings.com/press_releases/pr_000412.htm )

* Internet Trends Report, by Alexa Research, 4th quarter 1999. One interesting, but not too surprising, fact revealed by the report is that 80% of web traffic goes to just 0.5% of of all web sites. ( http://www.alexaresearch.com/top/report_4q99.cfm ) See also the Alexa 1000 which provides information on the top 1,000 most popular web sites, including details on their location.
( http://www.alexaresearch.com/top/top_websites.cfm )

* The Search Engine Showdown by Greg R. Notess, provides a user's guide to searching the Internet with useful statistical information on the size, overlap, unique hits, change over time, and dead links of the largest Web search engines.
( http://www.searchengineshowdown.com/ )

New for the "References" section:

* Cave D., 2000, "Do they know where you live?", Salon Magazine, 28th February 2000.
( http://www.salon.com/tech/feature/2000/02/28/geographic/index.html )

* Donert K., 2000, "Virtually Geography: Aspects of the Changing Geography of Information and Communications", Geography, Vol. 85, No. 1, pages 37-45. (No information online)

* Moss M.L. & Townsend A.M., 2000, "The Internet Backbone and the American Metropolis", Information Society Journal, Vol. 16, No. 1, pages 35-47. (pre-publication version)
( http://www.informationcity.org/research/internet-backbone-american-metropolis/index.htm )

* Roger R., 2000, "Preferred Placement: Knowledge Politics on the Web" (Jan Van Eyck Akademie, ISBN 90-6617-243-6).
( http://www.janvaneyck.nl/Pages/pub.jve.html )

* Strom D., 2000, "What Becomes a Location Most?", Web Informant #190, 28th February 2000, Mappa.Mundi Magazine.
( http://mappa.mundi.net/inform/inform_0190.html )

An Atlas of Cyberspaces
* http://www.cybergeography.org/atlas/atlas.html *
* http://www.cybergeography.com/atlas/atlas.html *
* http://www.geog.ucl.ac.uk/casa/martin/atlas/atlas.html *
* Italian Language http://www.museoscienza.org/museovr/cybergeography/ *


New for the "Conceptual Maps" page:

* Internet Industry Map by Valdis Krebs. ( http://www.orgnet.com/netindustry.html )


New on the "Artistic" page:

* Images from the Warriors of the Net movie, providing a fun, packets-eye view of how the Internet works. Produced by researchers at the Ericsson Medialab, in Sweden. ( http://www.warriorsofthe.net )

* A screenshot of the Net.Art tool Shredder, produced by POTATOLAND.org. ( http://www.potatoland.org/shredder/shredder.html )


New for the "Census Maps" page:

* The Hong Kong Cybermap gives a detailed graphical census of all Internet links in Hong Kong. ( http://www.cybergeography.org/atlas/census.html )


New for the "Information Maps" page:

* An example of the information maps produced by Storyspace, a hypertext writing tool from Eastgate Systems Inc.
( http://www.eastgate.com/Storyspace.html )

* Conversation Map by Warren Sack, MIT Media Lab. ( http://www.media.mit.edu/%7Ewsack/CM/index.html )


New one the "ISP Maps" page:

* The backbone network of GARR-B which connects scientific institutions in Italy.
( http://www.garr.it/mappagarr/garr-b-mappagarr-engl.shtml )


New for the "Virtual Worlds and MUDs" page:

* Maps of the Ultima Online multiplayer game. (see http://uo.stratics.com/homes/gramatls.htm and http://uo.stratics.com/atlas/ )


Please remember there is a European mirror site for the Atlas of Cyberspaces at http://www.geog.ucl.ac.uk/casa/martin/atlas/atlas.html. (This mirror is kindly provided by the Department of Geography, University College London.)


Map of the Month
* http://mappa.mundi.net/maps/ *

Map of the Month columns in Mappa.Mundi Magazine.

* April's column discussed Larry Landweber's maps which show the global spread of the Internet.
( http://mappa.mundi.net/maps/maps_011/ )

* May's column examines the network marketing maps of UUNET. ( http://mappa.mundi.net/maps/maps_012/ )



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thanks for your attention
martin dodge


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